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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010: Workshop Retreats Announced!

The Millay Colony for the Arts offers four-day workshop retreats on the Colony's sylvan setting. Each class includes twelve hours of workshop time, all meals, and ample time to work, ruminate and explore our lush surroundings. Private bedrooms and spacious private studios are provided. Attendance is limited to six persons per workshop.

June 30 – July 3: Family: Artmaking with Nina Katchadourian

July 30 – August 2: Archives and Ephemera: Poetry with Ronaldo Wilson

Sept 30 – Oct 3: Weather as Muse: Video with Bernadine Mellis

Oct 30 – Nov 2: After Copenhagen: Ecopoetics with Jonathan Skinner

For full details and guidelines go to the website:

Friday, March 5, 2010


I'm hoping that the Winter is treating you well. It's been a snowy, quiet time at the Colony lately, with only a few Winter guest artists here in recent weeks. Sarah Madsen and Tania Love are here now, and they fill the Colony with sweetness. Tonight Tomas Noel and a collaborator arrive for a few days...

I always use this time for programming, catching up on various organizational tasks, fundraising, hello-saying, general love-sending. This week has all about applying to the NEA for funding...I salute the NEA for adding artists' residencies to their programs. And for having the most helpful staff, even in the face of harried callers, like my good self, freaking out about not getting a DUNS number and other mind-numbing issues.

And, dear reader and grant-apply-er, please know that it is not the fault of any person who works at the Endowment that one must, in order to apply, register with myriad Web sites designed primarily for producers of industrial plastics and destined to fail at key moments in the application process. The government, that vast web of folks and sites, makes them do it...

In other news, one of our jurors (the lovely Deb Poe) took a snapshot of my puppy Chelseagirl Penelope Crumpacker, as she held forth at the Colony office.

Normally she is joined by Calliope's dogs Handsome Hugh and is Chelsea with Hugh last October...have no doubt, these two are the real brains of our operation...

Otherwise, we look forward to a glorious weekend in our Winter Wonderland.

If you are at all inspired to visit the Colony in all its pristine cool white loveliness, give us a call -- 518-392-4144 -- and we will happily show you around.

Looking forward to Spring at Millay, and to your visit, reader. Anytime.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Alumni Rachel Meuler Show in Brooklyn

SUM OF THEIR PARTS new paintings
Thu 4 March Opening Reception 5-9pm

Through 25 March

33 Washington St, Bklyn, NY