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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jonathan Skinner returns to The Millay Colony for the Arts

Hello all you many, you brave and brash readers of this blog,

We want to let you know that ecopoetician Jonathan Skinner will be back at The Millay Colony for the Arts this September. Last year's workshop was a tour de force. Jonathan arrived with some 100 books ranging from critical theory to field guides. The class had its own library and, when not reading and talking, spent a lot of time in the 100s of acres of woods, meadows, streams, crests and valleys near The Millay Colony listening, watching and generating.

Join us this year for Jonathan's class in all its lushness, sagesse and brilliance...

Listening Sounding Writing: An Ecopoetics Workshop with Jonathan Skinner
September 29 to October 2
"We'll meet outdoors, approach local soundscapes, translate bird and insect song, walk with our ears, and write out of deep listening. We'll track sounds with Ak'abal, Eigner, Howe, Johnson, Khelbnikov, MacLow, Neidecker, O'Sullivan, Patton, Vicuna and many others. In addition to poems (new or renewed) we'll try our hand at field recordings and scoring/writing sound walks."

This workshop includes 12 hours of class time, all meals (made from fresh organic produce) and a private bedroom and studio if desired. For a full workshop description and bio of Jonathan Skinner, visit

Hope you can join us! JS is incredible and we have an amazing natural laboratory to work with/in.

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