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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter Retreats for Artists and Collectives

As our Residency season winds down and the last vegetables in the garden begin to fade, we are preparing for the cold crisp months ahead. A serious and cozy season when we invite artists to come a winter retreat of any length on our campus.

Enjoy a private bedroom and studio, access to our fully stocked kitchen & dining room, two libraries, a dark room, laundry, computers & printer, phone/fax and incredible grounds near ice-skating and cross-country skiing.

If you are an ALUMNI ARTIST...we would love to re-connect with you for a winter residency. You can come for two days, two weeks...whatever amount of time works for you. Any time between December 1 and March 28. For a small fee or a work exchange, you can have a private room, private studio and access to our kitchen, dining room, libraries and all public rooms.

If you are an ARTIST, but not an are most welcome. The terms are as above, but the fee/work exchange is slightly more. We are happy to accept guest artists and writers who need to prepare for an upcoming exhibit, publication deadline, or focus on their work. Acceptance is based solely at the discretion of the Colony administration, along with the number of weeks the guest artist can stay at the Colony.

If you are an Arts Group (theater company, small press, gallery staff, band, collaborative duo etc.) can have a pastoral retreat/think-tank/working vacation with all the trimmings at our dazzling Upstate New York campus. Up to Seven private bedrooms with double beds. Up to Seven private studios for work. Meeting and Dining Rooms. Possibility of Chef-prepared Dinners. This is rental by the night.

Whatever your needs, we can make your Colony retreat productive, inspiring and refreshing.


  1. This is AMAZING!!!
    What's does the "small fee or work exchange" amount to? I'm an alum and writer, partnered with a non-alum painter, whom I've been urging to apply for a residency for some time.
    This sounds perfect for us.
    I will be following up on this!

  2. Great, Kirby!

    Email Calliope, Residency Director, for those details.