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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April is here....

and so is the first batch of 2012 residents!

Winter Shakers season was wonderful and, as always, particular to the unique individuals and groups who join us for varying lengths of time. Also, it is when the juries gather, upkeep is kept up, and we are able to host some unusual programs.

One highlight worth particular mention is our Poet in the Schools Program. The first year we worked with Teachers & Writers Collaborative to bring Adam Wiedewitsch up to the area for a week stay at the Colony and an in-school unit at Germantown High School. This year we brought up Millay alum Claire Donato who led an inspiring and seriously cool unit on collage, erasure, and handmade poems.

Claire will be back to the Germantown High School in May for a culminating presentation with everyone who participated. Meantime, teachers, administrators and students alike are busy making books of the inventive work created during Claire's visit.

More details and photos to follow!

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